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For Crypto to spread across the galaxy, the right education is required. Join LOOP as we explore Crypto, Defi, Loop & the Terra ecosystem from complete beginner to a veteran level. Learn, have fun and test your knowledge.


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Whether your a complete beginner, new to Terra or a battle-hardened Crypto veteran, there is something to learn for everyone.

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This feature is coming soon, this will enable users to actually be rewarded to learn about Crypto. Complete quizzes and earn rewards.


Test your knowledge and reinforce what you've just learnt after each module with interactive quizzes.


Learning for
every level


This course is suitable for someone who is a complete beginner in Crypto with no prior knowledge.


This course ideally requires an surface level understanding of the basics of Crypto and DeFi, and how to set up a wallet and navigate transactions.


This course is suitable for those who have a more advanced understanding of Crypto and DeFi and have experience in the space and using different chain and protcols.


This course highlights ecosystem projects and protocols, some may require more knowledge of DeFi and Crypto than others. At least some basic understanding is advised.


This course is advanced and aimed at developers looking to learn and build on Terra.

What will
you learn?

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Crypto does not have to be this mysterious thing

Learn the basics of crypto from A-Z using simple analogies. But not just the technicals; you will learn crypto, blockchain and DeFi from a conceptual place, the real problems it solves and how it's revolutionising so many industries.

The future of money is here

Learn about Terra and the future of decentralised internet money. You will learn about the concepts, the technicals, guides to get involved and how to navigate the ecosystem.

How to navigate Decentralised finance

DeFi is a whole new world, reinventing the financial system without intermediaries. To many, it’s like learning a new language. You will learn how it works and how to take advantage of the technology shaping the future of the financial system.


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